“You dreamed for us…now I can go do my dream!”
   …Senior to Wilson after his finish in Vendée Globe 2008-9

sitesALIVE Seniors Goals for Vendée Globe 2016


  • For Vendée Globe 2008-9, Rich Wilson was the senior skipper at age 58. For Vendée Globe 2016, he likely will again be the senior skipper.

    For Vendée Globe 2016 we will offer:
    Topics’ Guide: Inspiration; Isolation & Community; Nutrition; Fitness; Sleep
    Website: Journals, Skipper & Expert Essays, Q&A w/Skipper & Doctors
    Remote monitoring: Heart & Respiratory Rates; Blood Pressure; Body temperature; Caloric expenditure; Sleep graph

Rich believes that there is much life left to be lived at this age, and subscribes to the notion: “Turn off the TV, get off the sofa, you’re not done yet!” He will pursue his dream to race, compete, and finish the course, and to create and deliver global programs for K12, Asthma & Seniors.

Vendée Globe 2016 will offer a unique chance to develop programs to teach – from what Rich is doing to prepare, and what he does on the boat – about nutrition, exercise, sleep, medication compliance, community and remote health-monitoring. While at sea, his heart rate, caloric expenditure, lung function and sleep will be monitored and displayed here as a live data stream.

We seek Seniors organizations as Content Distribution partners, and health insurance or pharmaceutical companies as Sponsors to take advantage of this unique and inspirational opportunity.