sitesALIVE Program Goals for Vendée Globe 2016

Our three natural constituencies are K12, Asthma & Seniors. Click links below for further details.
  • K12 – sitesALIVE! has produced 75 live, interactive, semester-long learning adventures since 1990
    Teacher’s Guide: (see 2008-9 version, 15 weeks of classroom activities)
    Topics: Science, Math, Geography, History
    Website: Ship’s Log, Skipper’s Blog, Weekly Essay (by Skipper & Experts), Q&A (with Skipper & Experts), Photos, Audios, Videos
  • Asthma – Rich has had severe asthma (his lungs work at ~70% of normal) since age 1. He takes 4 medications daily to manage his asthma. 
    Asthma Guide: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments
    Pre-Race Training Guide: Aerobic conditioning; Medication Routine & Compliance
    Website: Skipper’s daily peak flow; Weekly lung function graph; Q&A w/Skipper, Trainer, Doctors
    Remote monitoring: Heart & Respiratory Rates; Caloric expenditure; Sleep graph
  • Seniors – Rich will be 66, likely the senior skipper, for the race;
    Topics’ Guide: Inspiration; Isolation & Community; Nutrition; Fitness; Sleep
    Website: Journals, Skipper & Expert Essays, Q&A w/Skipper & Doctors
    Remote monitoring: Heart & Respiratory Rates; Blood Pressure; Body temperature; Caloric expenditure; Sleep graph