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Rich Wilson and Great American IV ready for the Summer 2014 adventure education program.

Follow Rich and Great American IV as they make their way first to the Azores then on to South Hampton. The first leg of the training voyage, from Portland, Maine to Horta in the Azores, is solo then Dee Caffari will be joining Rich for the second leg. Dee and Rich both participated in the 2008-2009 edition of the Vendee Globe with Dee finishing 6th and Rich finishing 9th out of 30 boats that started.

UPDATE: In the morning of Saturday, November 1, Rich spotted land near Horta. After a brief stop to pick up Dee, they were on their way again.


Great American IV on approach to the Azores

Why Race Vendée Globe 2016?
Aboard Great American III, Rich Wilson finished 9th of 11 finishers of 30 starters in Vendée Globe 2008-9
At sea he engaged 7 million readers & 250,000 students in live Science, Math & Geography topics via 50 US Newspapers & Online
What's the Vendée Globe?
The Solo, Non-Stop, Around-the-World Race, ~28,000 miles, ~100 days at sea
The Everest of the Seas...
Or is it the other way around?!
So why race again?
30+ countries globally (red) were interested to publish our VG2008 school series, yet we ran out of time to bring them in - now we have the time
To fill that global interest, Rich will return for Vendée Globe 2016 aboard Great American IV (ex-Mirabaud)
Our GOAL? - To send structured, interactive, live content to 3 global sitesALIVE! programs
#1 - EDUCATION: To excite & engage students in Science, Math & Geography from our real-world adventure
#2 - ASTHMA: For Inspiration, Awareness, Fitness & Compliance (Rich has severe asthma)
#3 - SENIORS: For Inspiration, Nutrition, Sleep, Fitness & Community (Rich will be 66 at start)
To know the Vendée Globe, read Rich's book! (Reviewed by The Wall Street Journal)
Or book Rich for a Lecture at your Corporate, Club or Civic Event
Race with Rich in Vendée Globe 2016 by:
• Corporate Sponsorship of Great American IV
• or Private Support of sitesALIVE!

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