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Girls at Sea Live ’02 (Mar-Apr)
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The Tall Ship Semester for Girls is a program that breaks down traditional barriers by placing girls at the helm of a tall ship at sea. The program offers girls, who might otherwise never have such an opportunity, a chance to test themselves, to accomplish real feats, and in the process, to discover themselves.

The program was conceived in 1998 and has since been honored as "Sea Education Program of the Year" by the American Sail Training Association. The program is produced by America True, a non-profit California Public Benefit Corporation, in partnership with Falmouth Academy, located in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

The Tall Ship Semester for Girls offers a unique life experience to high school girls. It seeks to build their sense of self, their sense of the world around them, and their ability to change both. Of the four-month leadership program, students spend their first weeks on land, studying oceanography, marine literature, coastal history, seamanship and the mathematics of navigation. They then spend seven weeks aboard a traditional sailing ship, where they integrate their academic material with daily experience. In this way, the girls can see real value in their learning—meteorology and the mathematics of navigation, for example, are immediately useful at sea. When they return home, the girls produce portfolios of the semester’s work and participate in internships within the local maritime community. They also work to share their experiences with their communities, fostering and strengthening the connections between their lives at sea and those they return to ashore.

To learn more about the Tall Ship Semester for Girls, visit their website.