The Cape Eleuthera Island School
sitesALIVE! created Oceans & Islands Live! semesters in partnership with The Cape Eleuthera Island School

Founded in 1998 by the Lawrenceville School, The Cape Eleuthera Island School is a unique campus and research center serving the needs of students, teachers, scientists, and the local community. Situated on the idyllic Bahamian island of Eleuthera, The Island School boasts access to one of the most biologically diverse and pristine marine environments in the world.

The ocean is the new frontier, a boundless source of new information about life in all of its forms. Introducing our students to oceanic processes will help insure that future generations learn to care for this vital and vast resource.

During a thirteen week academic semester, high school sophomores and juniors from public and private high schools throughout North America take advantage of our surroundings, and learn to explore the ocean’s depths through a series of hands-on activities including SCUBA diving and sea kayaking. Supplementing their work in the field with rigorous classwork in marine science as well as English, mathematics, environmental art and history, Island School students receive a full and challenging education—an education focused on the place where they live, work, and learn. The three central components to The Island School program are academic (with an emphasis on authentic science research), community outreach, and outdoor education.

In addition to the high school program, our dynamic campus/research facility hosts advanced field studies for the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, The Virginia Institute of Marine Science, and BroadReach.