Class Afloat
sitesALIVE! created Class Afloat Live! semesters (20) in partnership with Class Afloat and West Island College.

Class Afloat is created by West Island College, a fully accredited private school for grades 9-12, with campuses in both Montreal, Quebec, and Calgary, Alberta.

Class Afloat is a program for high school students both from West Island College and elsewhere to take a full year of classes while sailing aboard the tall ship Concordia, a three-masted, barkentine purpose-built as a sailing school ship. The students learn to sail the ship, and during each semester, they will visit ports and peoples in about 12 countries.

Class Afloat is dedicated to educating a community of young people, preparing minds, values and ethics for responsible global citizenship in the 21st century. Drawing upon the social dynamics of life and work in the microcosm of a sailing ship and first-hand exploration in the macrocosm of the planet, Class AfloatTM students forge new standards in leadership, personal development and academic excellence.

Class Afloat, through the accreditation of its affiliated colleges and schools, offers a full year of study at the grade 11, grade 12 and junior college levels. The core curriculum offered during the semester at sea has been carefully designed to compliment our international travel and provide topical insight into the places we visit.

Terry Davies
Managing Director & Founder