BT Global Challenge
sitesALIVE! produced Global Challenge Live! partnering with the BT Global Challenge.

The history of the Global Challenge yacht races goes back to 1970 when Sir Chay Blyth set off on what was described at the time as an “impossible” voyage. 292 days later he returned to the United Kingdom a hero, having become the first man to sail single-handed non-stop around the world from east to west, against the prevailing winds and currents.

In 1988 Challenge Business was formed and the first of the Global Challenge yacht races, British Steel Challenge, was announced in 1989. The formula for what became the great success of the event, and provide the formula for future Global Challenge races, was laid down at that time. The formula? The races are open to all with particular emphasis on would-be adventurers regardless of sailing experience; the races are for a fleet of identical racing yachts with no handicapping or advantages given, thus making it a straight race on the water; the race route takes the fleets past the three great Capes and round the world from east to west—the ‘wrong’ way around the world. And for business, combining branding, relationship marketing programs, publicity, corporate hospitality and teambuilding with high drama, competition and excitement, Challenge Business events are the perfect vehicles for companies to achieve their corporate goals in an ever-competitive marketplace.