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Bluegrass Live ’02 (Oct-Nov)

An interactive online educational program designed to support the teaching of several disciplines (history, language arts, performing arts, technology) while focusing the lessons around bluegrass music.
A supplemental resource for students to use the knowledge of the performing arts and cultural resources in the study of English language arts, history, social science and technology.
A motivating opportunity for students to communicate with current bluegrass artists about their backgrounds, motivations, styles, and techniques by reading personal journals and essays and submitting questions through the Q & A section of the website.
A fun interactive tool that allows teachers to develop computer and Internet skills with their students.
Curriculum and content material designed to address multiple learning styles by incorporating a variety of multimedia collections.
A flexible program that can be used by classrooms, homeschooled students, after-school programs, and families at home
A safe website for elementary students.