Quotable Quotes
(from Teachers, Students & Press

“We loved it! We used this program with social studies, math, science, computers and language arts! We did it all!”
…Sixth grade teacher, Franklin Square, NY

“sitesALIVE produces some of the most innovative Newspaper In Education projects you can imagine …they are always top-notch.”
…Jim Abbott, Newspaper Association of America Foundation

“At last, a truly interactive education program designed for the Internet. We’ve all been waiting for this.”
…Teacher, Florida Educational Technology Conference

“Fantastic program! What a thrill. Learning to the highest degree!
…Amy Weiss, teacher, gifted & talented (grades 1–6), Indiana

“The students are really enjoying Rainforest Live! They REALLY like the scavenger hunts we have done. The photos really make it come alive for them. One student remarked, ‘This is better than TV”.
…Sue Ward, Rockford, Michigan

“sitesALIVE! is a wonderful way to bring curriculum that is aligned with the education standards into the classroom through interactive hands-on learning and technology together. The students were fascinated at the adventurous journeys that they were able to view. I was impressed at how the Teacher’s Guide connected the questions to specific grade levels. Rich Wilson has created an incredible resource for teachers and students.”
…Carolan Hayes, O’Donnell Middle School, Stoughton, MA

“I am finding this a very interesting, exciting and innovative way of trying to get through to my science students in the inner city. The students were slow getting started, trying to get online and logging on. Eventually they all arrived at the right place and started reading and taking notes. The period was over, but by then they were really interested.”
…Y. Saturen, Jane Addams High School, Bronx, NY

“sitesALIVE! is a great way to become part of a global community. Our world is shrinking and this forces students to learn how to communicate with all parts of the world. sitesALIVE! is a great way to do it!”
…Luther Beal, Doyon School, Ipswich, MA

“The fifth grade students will be using Islands Live! program to learn first hand about island formation, ocean creature classification, coral reefs, and island survival. Thank you for this terrific site. It will engage the students and bring real-world context into the curriculum!”
…Kristin Klaus, Kingston Intermediate School, Massachusetts

“I wanted to let you know my class is enjoying Class Afloat Live! I have been able to teach longitude and latitude for a reason and some of those essays have the wonderful descriptive writing that I am always trying to model for my class. They look for similes and metaphors in print. We have enjoyed visiting Carthage since we must study Ancient civilizations in Grade 4.”
…Geri McManus, Stanley Elementary School, Swampscott, Massachusetts

“I have used sitesALIVE! for the Girls At Sea Live! and Wetlands & Fisheries Live! programs with my fifth and sixth graders. Although I only see the students one time a week during their computer classes I have made an effort to involve the students in the activities to “field test” it with them. I have to say that I have been very pleased with the content of the web site.”
…Lorraine Leo, Jackson School, Newton, Massachusetts

“Your inspirational adventure has opened up many young minds to not only educational avenues but also higher level critical thinking and life-long lessons. In addition, it has permitted children the opportunity to dream beyond their predictable four walls…Thank you for sharing your dream. Hope to set sail with you again!”
…Janet Buckholz & Elizabeth Natke, John P. McKenna Elementary, Massapequa Park, NY

“We’ve been tracking the voyage and have had such a wonderful learning experience through it… the children are excited and involved—the only way to learn.”
…Gerri Fairre, East Woods School, Oyster Bay, NY

“Excellent info, keep up the good work!!!!”
…Olivia Fairclough, teacher, math (grades 1–7), South Australia, Australia

“Glad I found you!!!!”
…Bobbi Pentland, teacher, math/english/history (grades 9-12), Ontario, Canada

“It’s the only thing that we’re doing in school that is really happening instead of just pretending…”
…6th grade student, Merion, PA

“Your site is great! I’m learning a lot!”
…Katie, 5th grade student, Nevada

…Jennifer, 7th grade, Ontario, Canada

“I want to thank you soooooo much for letting us go on sitesalive.com. It is awesome because we get to see other places and get to see what they do there. Also you can see what the kids are doing like taking tests. sitesalive.com is the best web site ever!”
…Justin, 4th grade, Stanley School, Swampscott, Massachusetts

“The thing I liked about sitesALIVE! is that it taught me self confidence and if I had a dream I should stick to it and not let it go. For example, since I would like to be a teacher, I would have to work very hard in college.”
…Chris, 6th grade, MA

“I would definitely love to follow another adventure! I had so much fun doing this and whatever I learned, I told it to my family so it was like a family adventure! The site was very cool and I always went on it to check out how Rich and Bill were doing! It was so, so, so exciting!!”
…Francesca, Jackson School, Newton, Massachusetts

“I loved logging on at home and seeing how Great American II was doing.”
…Roberto, Jackson School, Newton, Massachusetts

“It gave me a chance to experience things that are going on outside of my neighborhood. It taught me things about the environment.”
…Chelsea, Jackson School, Newton, Massachusetts

“sitesALIVE! is one of the best web sites!”
…Matthew, Jackson School, Newton, Massachusetts

“I thank you for sitesALIVE! It is a really cool site!! I have made up my mind to do it when I am in college. I learned many new interesting facts and stuff! I learned how to do latitude and longitude.”
…Joshua, 4th grade, Stanley School, Swampscott, Massachusetts

“Thank you for sitesALIVE! I love the Who’s Who. It’s fun to see other people’s personalities. The Island School is really cool!! Marine biology sounds really cool!! I think going to the Bahamas was a good idea.”
…Carolyn, 4th grade, Stanley School, Swampscott, Massachusetts

“I liked the Wetlands program because the kids are learning interesting things about turtles. It was cool to be able to hear the students talking about what they were doing.”
…Robert, 7th grade, O’Donnell Middle School, Stoughton, MA

“This web site was the most interesting one that I’ve been on before and I not only go on at computer time, I also do at home.”
…Marcella, 5th grade, MA

“I learned about the math that goes with sailing including addition, division, averages, and plotting on grids.”
…Chris, 5th grade, MA

“Your site provides a wonderful window to the world! Great idea!”
…Jean Hannon, college student, North Carolina

“This is really cool, I only read journals/essays but they were great and funny. This is SOOO cool!”
…Breannah, 8th grade, homeschooled, New York

“Anyone with any doubts about the educational value of the web, should click to sitesALIVE!”
…USA Today

“Rarely have I seen such a well run, high interest, motivational program as yours.”
…Christine Bubb, The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, WA

“Our elation comes from the excitement you have shared with over 25,000 students in the New York City and Long Island area.”
…Patricia Houk, Education Services, New York Newsday

“This wonderful ocean adventure has caught the imagination of teachers, students and many, many others…There are thousands of us here in Los Angeles who look forward to the next Challenge whatever it may be.”
…Diana Gilmore, Los Angeles Times

“Dreams are only foolish to those who dare not go.”
…Bob Dotson, NBC Nightly News

“The greater mission is to provide classroom content for students following the voyage ashore via sitesalive.com.”
…Herb McCormick, New York Times

“As they forge through the frigid Southern Ocean they will be sending back dispatches to thousands of school kids following along on the educational Web site www.sitesalive.com, which Wilson oversees.”
…Angus Philips, Washington Post

“This is the first time we have embarked upon a program that “links learning to a live American adventure” and we hope it will not be the last.”
…Kimberly Canney, Newspaper In Education, The Boston Globe