Advisors (for Sponsors & Programs)

Rick SimpsonRick Simpson
Harvard ’74, Harvard Business School ’78
Business consultant

Jonathan GreenJonathan Green
University of New Hampshire, Brook Venture Partners
Jonathan joined the SitesAlive!/Great American IV team after rolling off a victory at the 2013 Original Singlehanded Transatlantic Race (OSTAR) during which he conducted a K-12 education program of his own, though at a much smaller scale. His accomplishments at raising capital in the hedge fund and venture capital arena, and sailing experience racing shorthanded, allow Jon to make contributions in many areas of our operation.

Christophe JeanChristophe Jean
Harvard Business School ’82
EVP & COO, Ipsen Pharmaceuticals, France
Fluent in French, English, Spanish
Finn sailor

Jeff WilliamsJeffrey Williams
Harvard ’76, HBS ’82
Kennedy School of Government (Harvard)
Former President, Shenzhen Development Bank, China
Former Executive Director, Harvard Center, Shanghai
Trustee, China Medical Board
Corporate Director & Advisor
Fluent in Mandarin